Solid-state Luminspheres™ lighting of desired warmth that depicts colours accurately

Bright Luminspheres™ lighting of tuneable warmth that depicts colours accurately

Luminspheres™ solid-state lighting of high colour rendering index illuminates objects to reproduce colours accurately and can be tuned to desired colour warmth appropriate for the application environment.


Efficient Luminspheres™ down-conversion phosphors

Multicoloured-Luminspheres™ & white-Luminspheres™ can be used to efficiently down-convert blue and UV light irradiated from LED-chips to white-light with minimal losses through reabsorption & scattering.

Environmentally considerate lighting

Luminspheres™ solid state lighting is long-life energy efficient lighting that uses RoHS compliant carbon based materials free of rare earth & toxic heavy metals.
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