Multiplex bioimaging & diagnosis with Luminspheres™ fluorescent labels

Bright multiplex imaging

Multicoloured Luminspheres™ fluoresce simultaneously when irradiated with a single wavelength light source, making them amenable to multiplex imaging. Furthermore, they are brighter, photostable and non-cytotoxic relative to incumbent fluorophores.


Click-conjugation to biomolecules

Luminspheres™ ‘click-conjugation’ kits enable coupling of Luminspheres™ to any biomarker of interest by simply adding the desired antibody in buffer to the Luminspheres™ to rapidly provide the corresponding Luminspheres™- biomarker conjugate without addition of coupling reagents.

Digital immunohistopathology

Multicoloured Luminspheres™ can be quickly and simply coupled directly to primary antibody biomarkers, simultaneously deposited on tissue sections, washed in a single step and imaged using standard microscopy equipment without the need for multispectral imager. 

multiplex fluorescent immunohistopathology-2
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