Printable Electronics

Next-generation printable, flexible, low powered electronics

Printed Organic Electronics

Printed organic electronics are opening entirely new market opportunities in creating the next generation of economical, low-power, flexible electronics and sensor products

purple solution


Elecspheres™ aqueous inks enable insoluble and sparingly soluble semiconductor polymers to be rapidly printed at ambient temperature into flexible large area Field Effect Transistor based electronics and sensors using conventional additive printing techniques.


Dielecspheres™ ink enables high-throughput printing at ambient temperature of Field Effect Transistor based flexible electronics and sensors that function at ultra-low power by operating below 1 volt.


Environmentally Considerate

Elecspheres™ & Dielecspheres™ inks are RoHS compliant being free of toxic heavy metals, can be processed from water using conventional additive printing techniques and enable electronic devices to operate at ultra-low power.

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